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Tabular & other Aggregates

Tabular & other Aggregates

Aggregates are the backbone of a refractory formulation and provide dimensional stability to the refractory products. The coarser fractions add thermal shock and corrosion resistance and the aggregate fines optimize the particle size distribution and increase the refractoriness of the product.

The consistent quality of Almatis aggregates such as Tabular alumina T60/T64, Spinel AR 90, AR 78, MR 66 and BSA 96 is the result of a well-controlled sinter process with firing temperatures above 1800° C. The use of high temperature furnaces with state-of-the-art technology permits densification of selected raw materials without sintering aids that would negatively impact the high temperature properties of the refractories.

As a result of the sinter process, the aggregates exhibit the same mineralogical and chemical composition for all fractions. Contrary to fused products where impurities accumulate in the fines, the use of Almatis sintered aggregates in refractory formulation guarantees stable and reliable behavior.

Almatis offers various sizings of aggregates from very coarse fractions to fine-ground sizes of <45 μm and <20 μm. Crushing and milling are followed by intensive de-ironing steps that result in very low free iron within the various fractions.

Tabular Alumina T60/T64

Dense, sintered crystalline alpha alumina with 99,5% Al2O 
High purity and chemical resistance

Spinel AR 78

Alumina-rich spinel (78% Al2O3)
Used for steel ladle shapes and monolithics

Spinel AR 90

More Alumina-rich spinel (90% Al2O3)
Used in monolithics and bricks for steel applications

Spinel MR 66

Magnesia-rich spinel; contains free periclase
Used in bricks for cement rotary kilns

BSA 96

Dense, sintered aggregate with 96% Al2O3 and 1,2% TiO2
Replacement for Brown fused alumina

SLA 92

High-purity super lightweight aggregate,
Based on calcium hexa-aluminate CA; non-fibrous