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Electronic Substrates

Electronic Substrates

Electronic substrates are base supports for production of electronic circuits used in applications such as computer chips, multi-chip modules, circuit boards and disk drives.  Ceramic substrates are often tape cast or roll compacted into a long thick or thin film flexible sheets.  The sheets are cut to size and are then available for a variety of processing steps that may or may not include being punched, filled and laminated scribed and co-fired.  Once fired, the substrate or package often receives further processing such as laser machining, lapping, polishing, etching or plating.

Alumina is used in these electronic substrates to improve mechanical, thermal and dielectric properties.  Mechanical strength, hardness and overall integrity are improved when alumina is added to formulations, as are thermal and electrical properties such as expansion coefficient, conductivity, dielectric constant and resistivity.

Almatis offers unground and continuous ground calcined aluminas for thick, mid and thin film electronic substrates.  We offer unground products for users that want to  wet or dry process the alumina to achieve a desired particle size distribution and continuous ground  products for users that prefer to blend rather than grind the components.  Our aluminas also feature  low impurity levels, specifically low Na2 contents, for improved processing and final substrate properties.

Unground calcined Aluminas

A 10

Primary Crystal Size = 4.8µm
Specific Surface Area = 0.20 m2/g
Na2O Content = 0.08%

CL 5000

Primary Crystal Size = 4.1µm
Specific Surface Area = 0.30 m2/g
Na2O Content = 0.06%

A 14

Primary Crystal Size = 2.1µm
Specific Surface Area = 0.60 m2/g
Na2O Content = 0.03%

CL 3000

Primary Crystal Size = 1.8µm
Specific Surface Area = 0.70 m2/g
Na2O Content = 0.06%

CL 2500

Primary Crystal Size = 1.7µm
Specific Surface Area = 0.90 m2/g
Na2O Content = 0.06%

Continuous Ground Calcined Aluminas

CL 2500 SG

Ground Median Size = 3.1µm
Ground Surface Area = 1.1 m²/g
Na2O Content = 0.06%

A 10 -325

Ground Median Size = 8.0µm
Ground Surface Area = 0.50 m²/g
Na2O Content = 0.08%

A 14 -325

Ground Median Size = 3.2µm
Ground Surface Area = 0.80 m²/g
Na2O Content = 0.03%

CL 3000 FG

Ground Median Size = 4.2µm
Ground Surface Area = 0.90 m²/g
Na2O Content = 0.06%

CL 3000 SG

Ground Median Size = 3.9µm
Ground Surface Area = 0.90 m²/g
Na2O Content = 0.06%

Batch Ground Calcined Aluminas

A 16 SG

Ground Median Size = 0.4µm
Ground Surface Area = 8.8 m²/g
Na2O Content = 0.07%

CT 3000 SG

Ground Median Size = 0.4µm
Ground Surface Area = 7.5 m²/g
Na2O Content = 0.08%

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