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Broadest alumina portfolio worldwide

Refractories are formulated for the harsh conditions they will face in service. These include applications in the production of iron and steel, cement, petrochemicals, non-ferrous metal, glass and others.

The Almatis range of premium aluminas is designed for use in advanced refractories such as:

  • monolithics
  • prefabricated pieces
  • bricks
  • isostatic pressed products

Almatis products ensure the design of higher performance refractories where heat tolerance, creep resistance and corrosion resistance are of crucial importance.

High-alumina aggregates

Almatis offers multiple aggregates in a wide range of crushed and milled sizes to optimize refractory formulations.

Aggregates are the backbone of a refractory formulation and provide dimensional stability to the refractory products. The coarser fractions add thermal shock and corrosion resistance.

All Almatis alumina-based aggregates are manufactured from high purity raw materials. The well-controlled production processes result in very homogeneous, pure products for producing high quality refractories.

High performance matrix products

The aggregate fines and matrix products, such as calcined and reactive alumina, optimize the particle size distribution and increase the refractoriness of the product.

The use of ultrafine aluminas with high sinter reactivity provides mechanical strength and abrasion resistance to bricks and functional products. In monolithic formulations, engineered reactive aluminas define the rheology and allow, in combination with dispersing aluminas, the formulation of castables with extremely low water demand.

High temperature calcium aluminate cements and binders bring stability to monolithic products and complete the Almatis product range for our refractory customers.

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