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Reactive Aluminas for the Refractory Market

Reactive aluminas are engineered materials primarily used in high-performance refractory production. They play a crucial role in achieving precise particle packing, consistent rheology, and reliable placement, all of which contribute to the superior physical properties of the final refractory product.

These aluminas are processed through advanced grinding techniques, reducing them to their primary crystal size form. This process results in a remarkably consistent particle size distribution described and specified by the laser diffraction method with D50 and D90 values. (Let´s discuss that with the others! The original sentence is not suitable for many of the reactive aluminas for refractories such as bi- and multimodal aluminas).

This uniformity is essential for effectively combining reactive aluminas with other matrix components, such as tabular alumina (<20μm) and spinel (<20μm). This combination allows for controlled particle size distribution in refractory formulations, vital for achieving the desired rheological properties in the application.

Almatis, with the broadest reactive alumina product portfolio available globally, offers a diverse range of reactive alumina products, with particle sizes varying from sub-micron to 20 µm.

The availability of different particle size distributions, from mono-modal to bi-modal and multi-modal, provides flexibility in formulation design. The convenience of co-milled, engineered reactive aluminas ensures versatility and adaptability in various refractory applications.


Featured Products



RG 4000

Mono-modal alpha-alumina
Particle size / D50 = 0.6µm
Na2O Content = 0.08%


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CTC 20

Mono-modal alpha-alumina
Particle size / D50 = 1.8µm
Na2O Content = 0.12%


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A 20 SG

Mono-modal alpha-alumina
Particle size / D50 = 3.3µm
Na2O Content = 0.23%


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CL 370

Bi-modal alpha-alumina
Particle size / D50 = 2.5µm
Na2O Content = 0.10%



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