Technical Ceramics

Technical ceramics excel in challenging conditions like corrosive environments, extreme temperatures, high wear, intense stresses, or high electrical currents. Alumina, with its high melting temperature, tensile strength, heat capacity, electrical resistance, and exceptional wear characteristics, is ideally suited for these demanding applications. 

Typical uses include components in automotive, electronics, energy, environmental, household, industrial, and medical devices.

Almatis offers unground calcined aluminas for technical ceramics, which can be further processed and are often spray-dried for specific uses. These unground products allow users to tailor particle size distribution and blend other batch components.

Our aluminas are tightly controlled for consistent performance and easy processing in both wet and dry systems.

Technical and advanced ceramic components play functional and supporting roles in their applications, ensuring safe operation. Alumina-based components, often internal, serve as protective coatings, liners, and seals in high-temperature, wear, or corrosive environments.

They also provide electrical or thermal resistance in various forms like spacers, feed-throughs, tubes, rings, and mounts, proving essential in industrial, commercial, medical, analytical, and domestic applications.

For diverse formulations, Almatis provides batch and continuous ground calcined aluminas. They are versatile, suitable as the sole component in all-alumina bodies, as a major component in high-alumina bodies, or as fillers in low-alumina matrices. Our batch ground products cater to those without internal grinding capabilities or those preferring pre-ground materials and are effective in numerous production processes, including casting, molding, pressing, and extrusion.


Technical Ceramic Product Line


Unground Calcined Aluminas
Continuous Ground Calcined Aluminas
Batch Ground Reactive Aluminas


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