High Voltage Insulators

High-voltage insulators are integral to electrical power systems, providing crucial non-conductive support for the safe and efficient suspension of high-voltage power lines. These insulators are designed to withstand challenging mechanical, electrical, and environmental conditions, ensuring safety and reliability in power distribution.

Alumina plays a significant role in enhancing the properties of porcelain high-voltage insulators. Its inclusion is key to improving both dielectric and mechanical strengths. The ideal alumina for this purpose features coarse crystals to optimize dielectric properties while maintaining a particle size distribution with minimal particles larger than 45µm to prevent defects in the final product.

Almatis provides calcined aluminas for high voltage insulators in unground and continuous ground forms. Unground variants offer flexibility for further processing, while continuous ground aluminas undergo a specialized milling process to ensure uniform quality. This process effectively controls the D50 value and limits the +45µm particle content, resulting in a consistent particle size distribution with minimal coarse agglomerates.

We recommend our specially designed coarse-removed (CR) products for sensitive applications or those requiring high mechanical and dielectric strengths. These are tailored to meet the stringent demands of sensitive insulator applications, ensuring optimal performance.


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