Cultivating Trust

Our Approach to Ethical Leadership

At Almatis, we are committed to upholding strong corporate governance standards. Our proactive approach ensures the establishment of policies and practices that undergo continuous review and enhancement. 

With a dedicated Board of Directors and senior management team, business responsibility is a top priority, leading us to adopt many cutting-edge practices ahead of regulatory mandates.

Driven by our desire to excel in every aspect, Almatis strives to be a top global organization, delivering value to our investors, customers, employees and communities. Guided by our Mission, Vision and Values, our management and directors uphold passion and integrity in all endeavors, aiming to achieve results that instill pride in our stakeholders.




Our Management Team


From left to right:
Christian Ammermann | Chief Supply Chain Officer | Contact on LinkedIn
Alessio Scarsella | Chief Operations Officer | Contact on LinkedIn
Asli Atasoy | Chief People Officer | Contact on LinkedIn
Anil Sönmez | Chief Executive Officer | Contact on LinkedIn
Gözde Diner | Chief Financial Officer | Contact on LinkedIn
Charles Compson | Chief Commercial Officer | Contact on LinkedIn

Our mission is clear: to emerge as the leading supplier of premium alumina across the globe, catering specifically to the refractory, ceramic and polishing industries. 

We are dedicated to consistently delivering top-quality alumina products that meet the stringent demands of our customers, while also driving innovation and sustainability in our operations. Our enduring commitment to excellence guides us in every task as we attempt to exceed expectations and set new standards of quality and performance in the industries we serve.

We work hard to be best in class: to be an outstanding, fully efficient global organization that extends value to our business partners and employees. 

At Almatis, we are dedicated to achieving excellence in every aspect of our operations. Our goal is to become a leading global organization, characterized by efficiency, authenticity and a commitment to delivering value to our business partners and employees alike. Embedded within our organizational culture are core values that serve as the foundation for our professional and ethical conduct. These values guide our interactions and decisions, promoting a culture of integrity, respect and accountability across our global workforce.

Our Values: Building Legacy 

We recognize that our people and our stakeholders are fundamental to our success. We embrace our diversity in backgrounds, languages and cultures, as a source of resourcefulness and innovation. 

Respect is the cornerstone of our interactions, beginning with open-mindedness towards individuals and their ideas. We prioritize active listening and constructive dialogue with colleagues and business partners, ensuring that communication is frequent, targeted, candid and well-structured. Additionally, we are committed to providing support and training to enable others to achieve their objectives. 
By aligning our actions with the broader business strategy, we drive solutions and task completion, thus contributing to our organizational triumph. We hold ourselves accountable for the success of Almatis.

At Almatis, our dedication to excellence as The Premium Alumina Company inspires us to pursue quality in all aspects of our operations. From production and sales to logistics and business processes, we strive for top-of-the-line results, consistently measuring our outcomes against the highest internal and external standards. Our success is measured by our ability to be the best within our business segments. 

Central to our mission is our relentless focus on our customers. By understanding and respecting our customers’ unique needs, and anticipating and responding to them faster than our competitors, we can offer them genuine value and enduring, prosperous relationships.

At Almatis, empowerment is an earned privilege. 
By demonstrating accountability and effective communication, and consistently delivering results while maintaining a customer-focused approach, individuals earn the freedom to make decisions autonomously. This seal of approval enables Almatis to surpass competition and deliver enhanced value to all stakeholders.

Teamwork is fundamental to our success, distinguishing exceptional companies from the rest. We actively cultivate collaboration by utilizing the collective talent, expertise and energy of our diverse team across departments, regions and functions. 
We encourage our people to communicate freely and build upon each other's ideas, sharing best practices, and fully engaging the potential of our entire Almatis global team.

We foment innovation while upholding sustainability as an integral component of our organizational philosophy. We actively pursue novel approaches to value creation and business improvement, drawing insights from close collaboration with partners and colleagues. Embracing change and encouraging innovative thinking enable us to maintain a competitive edge in a dynamic market landscape. Simultaneously, we prioritize sustainability by adhering to strict safety standards and regulatory compliance, actively mitigating risks and promoting a culture of continuous improvement to ensure the well-being of our people, communities and environment.

Our global operations are conducted safely and responsibly, prioritizing the health and well-being of our employees, contractors, customers and communities. Environmental conservation is integral to our approach, emphasizing efficient energy management to minimize consumption and enhance sustainability. We are committed to meeting customer needs and surpassing expectations in quality, reliability and support. Upholding these standards is a collective endeavor shared by all members of Almatis. 

Our promise of greatness begins with valuing human life above all else and meticulously managing associated risks. We fully adhere to all applicable laws, regulations and standards, continually seeking to exceed these guidelines.

Embracing waste reduction, energy efficiency and pollution prevention, we champion sustainable practices across all our operations. Continuous improvement, comprehensive process reviews and rigorous audits are fundamental to our culture, driving enhancements in product quality, environmental health and safety measures (EHS). 

The Almatis Management System (AMS) embodies our commitment to Operational Excellence. Built on efficient precepts, our integrated business processes ensure reliability, consistency and cost-effectiveness across global operations.

Unified by shared values and a promise of continuous improvement, our employees drive the company forward through a consistent practice of education, adaptation and enhancement.

The essence of our approach can be defined by consolidating our unparalleled alumina expertise, organizational culture and refined business processes. This specialized modus operandi positions us as market leaders capable of achieving sustained growth with and for our treasured customers.