We Are Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation and Excellence

Mar 2024

Almatis News

Almatis, a global leader in the production of high-performance specialty alumina products, is thrilled to mark its 20th anniversary, celebrating two decades of unwavering dedication, innovation, and success.

Founded over a century ago, Almatis officially became an independent company on March 1, 2004, setting the stage for a remarkable journey of growth and resilience. We stand as a testament to the power of dedication and collective effort, recognized globally for its innovative solutions and commitment to excellence. Today, when one thinks alumina, thinks Almatis.

Throughout the last two decades, we have achieved several key milestones, reinforcing our position as an industry leader:

  • 2006 Expanded operations with the Huangdao, China Tabular Expansion and inaugurated the Neville, US Grinding Center, enhancing global presence.

  • 2007 Achieved 100% ownership in Falta, India, solidifying commitment to strategic locations contributing to success.

  • 2011 Expanded continuous ground capabilities at Neville Operations, enabling further regionalization and domestic supply.

  • 2012 Established Almatis Campinas, Brazil Sales Office.

  • 2013 Inaugurated the first calcines plant in Huangdao, China, facilitating regional production of calcined aluminas for Asian customers.

  • 2015 Acquired by the OYAK Group, bringing new opportunities and reinforcing market standing.

  • 2018 Marked a milestone with the Ludwigshafen, Germany Calcines Expansion and the opening of the Singapore Sales Office, showcasing dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

  • 2020 Enhanced global distribution network with the establishment of a Distribution Center in Singapore, streamlining logistics for increased efficiency.

  • 2021 Inaugurated the new integrated Tabular Alumina plant in India, Falta, and expanded the Ludwigshafen Wet Mill, emphasizing commitment to cutting-edge technology and sustainability.

  • 2023 Increased calcined alumina production capacity in Arkansas, US by 15%, and kicked off a series of investments in Rotterdam, Netherlands sintered aggregate operations. Optimized our global production footprint to adapt to the changing business environment and become stronger for the future.

We are celebrating this significant milestone, thanks to the entire Almatis Team, and their hard work, dedication, and passion that have contributed to our collective success. The celebration not only pays tribute to the past but also serves as a platform to strengthen the bonds that make Almatis a unique and vibrant community. 

Today, our journey evolves and gains momentum. With the same spirit that has carried us thus far, Almatis will continue to set new standards, overcome challenges, and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of our industry.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our shareholder OYAK, valued customers, business partners and Almatis employees for walking with us towards this incredible milestone. 

Almatis – Innovate Alumina and Beyond for the Future!