Innovations in alumina refractories: Key to advanced steelmaking

May 2024

At this week's SEAISI 2024 conference in Da Nang, Vietnam, Mr. Shankha Chatterjee, Technical Manager, presented key trends in high-alumina refractories, influenced by advances in steel making technology.

His research  paper illustrated the role of refractories in steel making, which constitutes up to 80% of industrial use, particularly in secondary metallurgy where performance under demanding conditions is required.

Characteristics such as high purity alumina and operational cost considerations beyond initial purchase and installation, impact overall production efficiency and safety as these factors play a crucial role in optimizing steel making processes. 

The 2024 edition of the SEAISI conference once again served as a dynamic hub for exploring the future of steel through sustainable practices and smart technologies. We thank all the experts and industry leaders for their valuable contributions during this three-day event.