Almatis Receives "Special Jury Award" at the Confederation of Indian Industries' Quality Control Circle Convention

Mar 2024

In a significant stride towards fostering Total Quality Management practices within the industry, Almatis, the leading high-performance alumina manufacturer, was recently honored with the "Special Jury Award" at the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) Quality Control (QC) Circle Convention. 

The event, organized by the CII, aimed to promote the adoption of QC Circles among member companies, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences to enhance quality, mitigate challenges and increase efficiency.

QC Circles, a structured approach towards quality management, have been gaining momentum as a powerful tool for mitigating challenges within organizations. The convention served as a platform for participants to showcase exemplary practices, exchange ideas, and learn from each other's experiences. It provided insights into forming QC Circles within companies, promoting the QC movement, and excelling in respective domains.

Almatis, represented by their team "ABHYUDAYA," consisting of five dedicated members, made a mark at the State Level competition held in February 2024. The team comprised Shubhankar Nath and Pabitra Chakrabortty from Production, along with Suprabhat Jana, Rahul Dey, and Anirban Banerjee from Maintenance. Despite stiff competition from 24 teams representing various industries, Almatis emerged victorious, earning the prestigious "Special Jury Award."

The recognition highlights Almatis' commitment to quality excellence and continuous improvement. By actively participating in forums like the CII QC Circle Convention, the company not only showcases its best practices but also contributes to the collective advancement of the industry. The award serves as a testament to Almatis' dedication to excellence and its ability to stand out amidst tough competition.

With this accolade, Almatis reaffirms its position as a trailblazer in quality management and sets a benchmark for excellence in the industry. As the company continues its journey towards innovation and excellence, it remains dedicated to leading by example in the industry.

About Almatis Alumina Private Limited, Falta, India

Almatis business activities in India began in 1995. At its Falta plant, Almatis Alumina Private Limited locally produces high quality Tabular Aluminas. For refractories, ceramics, glass, polishing, specialty and building chemistry markets in India & SEA Region, Almatis Alumina Private Ltd. offers the full Almatis specialty alumina product portfolio, including Tabular Alumina, Calcined Alumina, Calcium Aluminate Cement, Reactive Alumina and Spinel. As part of the Global Almatis Corporate Policy, the Falta site is committed to environmentally friendly solutions and safe operations.