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Welcome our Brochures page. Here you can browse through our extensive range of alumina and alumina-based products, carefully formulated to meet the exacting requirements of a wide variety of industries.

Our brochures are a complete technical resource, providing detailed specifications and performance data that highlight the versatility and superior qualities of our products. From refractories to ceramics to polishing, each document provides a clear understanding of how our alumina solutions can optimize industrial processes and contribute to superior results.

Explore our offerings to find high-quality, customized solutions that meet the specific needs of every market. Our brochures are an essential tool for understanding the distinctive benefits of our alumina innovations and how they leverage exceptional properties to achieve excellence in every application.

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Premium Alumina for Refractory Applications

Premium Alumina for Ceramic Applications

Premium Alumina for Polishing Applications

Global Aggregate Test Methods

Almatis Calcined Aluminas Brochure

Refractory Matrix Brochure

Calcium Aluminate Cements