premium aluminas for advanced applications


Selected Tabular Aluminas

Almatis' specialized tabular alumina fractions are designed to meet the requirements of various industrial applications such as investment casting, functional fillers, ceramic rollers, metal filtration, and regeneration burner markets. 

Our tabular alumina portfolio includes options like low iron (LI), intermediate soda (SP), and ultra-low soda (XLS) versions, each tailored for different performance criteria. Additionally, we offer washed products under the Tabalox brand, selected for applications demanding high purity levels.

The specialized tabular alumina range also encompasses spherical alumina balls in smooth (T162) and round (T160, FBA) forms. These are primarily used in applications like filter beds and regeneration burners, where their specific shapes and properties are essential for optimal performance.



T60/T64 -325 LI CR

Ground Median Size = 9.5µm
Ground Surface Area = 0.90 m²/g
Na2O Content = 0.30%


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T60/T64 -325 XLS

Ground Median Size = 9.0µm
Ground Surface Area = 1.0 m²/g
Na2O Content = 0.03%


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T60/T64 XLS 3-6 mm

Crushed tabular aggregate 
Closed Size fraction from 3.3 - 6.7mm
Na2O Content = 0.03%


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T 162 25 mm

25mm spherical filter bed support media
Na2O Content = 0.20%


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