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Tabular & Other Aggregates for the Refractory Market

Aggregates form the structural foundation of refractory formulations, imparting essential dimensional stability. They are used from coarse to fine fractions and enable the design of optimized particle packing in order to achieve strength and wear resistance of refractories. The microstructure of sintered aggregates and the combination of Tabular alumina and Spinel significantly enhance the thermal shock resistance of refractories.

Almatis' commitment to quality is evident in our aggregates, such as Tabular alumina T60/T64 and Spinel AR 90 and AR 78. These are produced through a carefully controlled sintering process at temperatures exceeding 1800° C. Our advanced high-temperature furnaces, equipped with cutting-edge technology, enable the densification of select raw materials without the need for sintering aids, which could otherwise compromise the refractories' high-temperature performance.

This sintering process ensures uniform mineralogical and chemical composition across all aggregate fractions. Unlike fused products, where impurities tend to concentrate in the fines, our sintered aggregates maintain consistent quality and performance in refractory applications.

Almatis provides a wide range of aggregate sizes, from very coarse fractions to finely ground sizes of <45 μm and <20 μm. Our aggregates undergo rigorous crushing, milling, and screening processes, complemented by intensive de-ironing steps. This results in consistent particle size distributions and exceptionally low free iron levels within the various fractions, further enhancing the reliability and stability of our refractory products.


Featured Products



Tabular Alumina T60/T64

Dense, sintered crystalline alpha alumina with 99,5% Al2O3  
High purity and chemical resistance


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Magnesium Aluminate Spinels

Made from high-purity materials, this superior refractory aggregate has excellent properties. Almatis Spinels AR 78 and AR 90 are ideal for steel ladle castables.


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ECO-TAB® Tabular Alumina

Energy savings in each step of metals manufacture. Almatis ECO-TAB® is a lower density alumina refractory aggregate newly developed for wear linings. 


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SLA 92

High-purity super lightweight aggregate,
Based on calcium hexa-aluminate CA₆; non-fibrous


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