premium aluminas for advanced applications



Core products for superior polishing.

The P-Series is integral to Almatis' range of polishing products and is renowned for its effectiveness in a wide range of finishing applications. These products are at the heart of our polishing solutions, known for their long-standing performance and reliability.

The tight control of particle top sizes is key to the P-Series's success. This precise control is essential for achieving high gloss and superior shine on diverse surfaces.

The P-Series' ability to consistently deliver outstanding surface finishes makes it a fundamental choice in professional polishing.



P 730

Alumina with top cut of 56 µm for the finishing of all kinds of surfaces.


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P 10

Alumina with top cut of 20 µm giving nearly scratch free surfaces.


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P 30

Special alumina with plate like 30 µm big primary crystal, which needs further processing prior use.


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