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Unground Calcined Aluminas for the Ceramics Industry

Almatis presents a diverse selection of unground calcined aluminas, catering to a wide range of industrial needs.

These aluminas are available with primary crystal sizes varying from 0.3 to 25µm, designed to suit different application requirements. Many of these calcined aluminas are also offered in continuous and batch ground forms to enhance versatility.

Our calcined alumina products meet high standards in terms of purity, with purity levels ranging between 99.5% and 99.8%. This range includes various soda content options to suit specific process needs: normal soda (≤0.35%), intermediate soda (≤0.20%), low soda (≤0.10%), and ultra-low soda (≤0.05%). 

Each variant is tailored to deliver optimal performance in its respective applications, ensuring quality and reliability in every use.


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GMA Series

Unground calcined aluminas with primary crystal sizes ranging from 0.3 – 25µm. Also available in continuous and batch ground (reactive) versions.


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