premium aluminas for advanced applications


Cement for the Ceramics Market

Our high-purity calcium aluminate cement, which contains a minimum of 70% Al2O3, is a key ingredient for achieving early strength development and whiteness in various construction applications.

Each type of cement we offer is formulated to exhibit distinct curing and setting behaviors. This variability significantly impacts the end product's hardening process and strength development.

The consistency and reliability of our calcium aluminate cements ensure that designers and builders can reliably achieve the specific properties they require for their projects, ensuring both performance and aesthetic goals are met.


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70% calcium aluminate cement with high green strength for low and ultra-low cement applications


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CA-14 M

High purity cement with 70% Al2O3; additive free
General purpose; moderate setting


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CA-25 R

High purity cement with 80% Al2O3; includes additives
Short setting for fast strength development


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