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Metal Filtration & Regeneration Burners

The global production of aluminum reaches nearly 50 million metric tons annually, catering to essential markets such as transportation, packaging, engineering, and construction. Ensuring the purity of this metal is paramount, particularly during the ingot casting process, where removing impurities and slag is crucial.

Using tabular alumina products to fill filter beds presents an optimal solution for meeting stringent quality standards. This approach ensures the removal of unwanted materials and supports high production rates. Tabular alumina's consistency and reliability make it an indispensable component in filtration, contributing to producing high-quality aluminum that meets the demands of diverse industries.

Regeneration Burners

Efficiency in aluminum production is crucial due to high energy demands. Recycling furnace exhaust gases to pre-heat combustion air enhances fuel efficiency and cuts emissions like NOx and CO. Tabular alumina support balls are key to this process, ensuring effective heat transfer and maintaining a robust system.

Almatis' tabular alumina range, designed for regeneration burners and metal filtration, includes diverse support media and crushed aggregates. Our products withstand thermal cycling, optimizing heat recycling. The 18mm and 19mm media excel in filter bed support, while our aggregates, known for their precise particle distribution and minimal fines, are ideal for critical alloy casting, with ultra-low soda options for sensitive applications.


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