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Functional Fillers

Alumina is a versatile filler material across a broad spectrum of applications thanks to its outstanding physical and chemical properties.

Its alpha-phase is particularly noted for superior mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties, making it one of the most stable and inert oxides available.

Common uses for alumina-based fillers include thermal management in electronic devices, enhancing wear resistance in coatings and lacquers, and providing pigments and modifiers for paper and glazes. They also play a central role in strengthening composites.

Almatis specializes in ground calcined and tabular alumina products tailored for filler applications. Our emphasis on particle size consistency and the precise control of particle distribution ensures enhanced performance in various applications.

Our low-soda and ultra-low soda tabular aluminas combine the benefits of standard aluminas with minimal alkali content, significantly reducing the solubility of free Na+ ions. This minimizes the chance of undesirable chemical reactions between the alumina filler and the matrix components, ensuring the end product's integrity and performance.


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