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Dense Shaped Refractory Products

Dense shaped refractory products represent the bulk of high-performance heat resistant applications. These refractory bricks, crafted into specific shapes, undergo heat treatment at various temperatures depending on their bonding system, from tempering for carbon-bonded bricks up to high-temperature firing to create a robust ceramic bond.  The unique mixture of raw materials, the method of compaction, and the specific heat treatment are vital to defining the exceptional properties of these materials.

Over half of all shaped refractory products can be chemically and mineralogically categorized within the silicon dioxide (SiO2) - aluminum oxide (Al₂O₃) binary system. An increase in Al₂O₃ content typically enhances the product's refractoriness and raises its maximum service temperature. However, certain impurities in the raw materials, such as ferric iron oxide (Fe₂O₃), and various alkalies and earth-alkalies, can significantly influence the final product's characteristics by creating lower melting phases.

Synthetic high alumina materials are employed to counter these variations. These materials provide a stable chemical composition with minimal impurities, paving the way for developing reliable high-performance refractory bricks with consistent properties, essential for demanding high-temperature applications.


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