Enhanced Optical Purity



Alumina significantly improves glass products by enhancing mechanical strength, hardness, thermal stability, and optical clarity. This is vital for specialized applications like LCD glass, cover screens, and industrial fiberglass.

Switching to synthetic alumina from natural ore or hydrate sources ensures better batch consistency in glass manufacturing. Its low impurity levels aid in maintaining uniform batch chemistry and melting properties.

Our GMA series comprises fully calcined, unground aluminas tailored for glass applications. With over 99% Al2O3 purity, these aluminas offer controlled moisture, loss on ignition levels, and a range of alkali contents.

Precise control of particle sizes, both fine (<45µm) and coarse (>425µm), is essential for meeting specific glass-making requirements and avoiding issues like stone formation. This is particularly important in compact kilns or high pull rate environments, where maintaining the consistency of the <45µm fines is crucial.


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