Wear Parts

Wear parts play a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency of high-throughput manufacturing processes, including the transformation of pulp into paper and thread into fabric.

These sectors' high volume and production speed demand minimal downtime, necessitating wear components with extended durability. Ceramic wear parts, known for their longevity, are frequently used in such settings, offering a reliable alternative to traditional metal or polymer-based components.

In industries such as pulp and paper, textiles, industrial grinding, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment manufacturing, alumina-based wear parts are prevalent. These components, including wear liners, valves, plungers, cutting tools, blades, cones, nozzles, tips, seals, bearings, tubes, and rods, are crafted from alumina to withstand severe manufacturing environments.

Almatis offers a range of calcined aluminas for wear parts, categorized into unground, continuous ground, and batch ground varieties. The selection of a specific product type depends on the manufacturing capabilities, the required alumina content for the formulation, and the intended application. 

Formulations with lower alumina content typically utilize lower purity aluminas such as A2 and WRA. However, as the demand for alumina content increases, so does the necessity for higher purity alumina, particularly in applications requiring stringent specifications, where a batch ground product may be essential.


Wear Parts Product Line


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Continuous Ground Calcined Aluminas
Batch Ground Reactive Aluminas


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