Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are essential in the ignition systems of internal combustion engines and various industrial applications. They work by generating a spark that ignites the fuel-air mix, turning it into usable energy. This process is fundamental for engine efficiency and performance.

In this high-energy environment, alumina stands out for its use in spark plug insulators. Its high dielectric strength is crucial for handling increasing voltages and evolving ignition technologies. As spark plugs adapt to be more energy-efficient, they require insulators that are robust and sleeker in design.

Almatis offers a range of calcined aluminas tailored for spark plug applications. Our products, available in coarse, medium, and fine crystalline forms, come in intermediate and low Na2O levels. They are designed for easy processing, whether in wet or dry grinding systems and ensure precise shrinkage control for the insulator body.

For over half a century, Almatis aluminas have been meeting the dynamic demands of the industry. From standard to high-performance insulators, our materials consistently meet the need for thinner, more resilient walls and superior dielectric strength.


Spark Plugs Product Line


Unground Calcined Aluminas
Continuous Ground Calcined Aluminas
Batch Ground Reactive Aluminas


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