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Porous Ceramics

Porous ceramics are a cornerstone in metal casting, serving primarily as robust filters. These filters are adept at efficiently eliminating slag impurities and inclusions while maintaining an inert state with the metal. This inertness is crucial to prevent any oxidation during the casting process. 

They are also designed to withstand thermal cycling, demonstrating controlled thermal expansion and strong resistance to thermal shock.

Alumina, utilized in ceramic foam filters, excels as an inert substrate material, capable of enduring the intense temperatures involved in molten metal casting. These filters, made from alumina-based foam, are used in various casting operations, including primary aluminum casting, steel and other non-ferrous alloy foundry castings, investment casting, and certain chemical processing tasks.

Almatis offers a selection of aluminas specifically for porous ceramic applications, including soft and hard calcined aluminas. These aluminas, offered in continuous ground and batch ground forms, are distinguished by their controlled crystal morphology and uniform particle size distributions. We ensure specific impurity levels to maintain consistent performance and chemical inertness.


Porous Ceramics Product Line


Unground Calcined Aluminas
Continuous Ground Calcined Aluminas
Batch Ground Reactive Aluminas


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