Porcelaine & Whitewares

Whitewares, encompassing chinaware and sanitary ware for household and commercial use, commonly contain alumina in their porcelain formulations. Synthetic alumina, preferred for its purity and controlled physical characteristics, significantly enhances the final product's properties over natural ores and minerals.

Alumina's thermal properties, especially its heat capacity, are crucial in chinaware. This ensures that hot foods and beverages maintain their temperature longer. For sanitary ware, alumina's essential contribution is in enhancing mechanical strength. This allows for the design and production of thinner, more intricate parts.

Almatis offers coarse crystalline continuous ground aluminas specifically for whiteware applications. These products improve thermal properties and provide enhanced strength and fewer defects compared to natural alternatives. Available in normal soda and intermediate soda variants, our aluminas cater to applications where higher purity is essential.


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Unground Calcined Aluminas
Continuous Ground Calcined Aluminas


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