Honeycomb Ceramics

Global energy consumption is expected to jump by over 50% in the next few decades, highlighting the urgency for efficient emissions control to mitigate greenhouse gases from sources like vehicles and power plants, particularly with tightening environmental regulations.

In this context, honeycomb ceramics are essential. They act as bases coated with catalysts designed for emissions control. Achieving consistent quality in these ceramic substrates is critical for the coating process to efficiently control emissions and maximize the use of precious metals involved.

Almatis specializes in aluminas for these applications, offering batch and continuously ground products. Our finely ground crystalline aluminas, processed in batch ball mills, achieve a narrow particle size distribution ideal for blending into mixtures or as stand-alone components in high-performance products.

Additionally, we offer coarser crystalline aluminas continuous ground in ball mill–air classifier systems. This approach results in a broader particle size distribution with minimal occurrence of large agglomerates, essential for maintaining the high quality necessary for producing consistent, superior ceramic substrates. Our stringent process controls ensure a product that consistently meets the high standards required for reproducible, top-quality substrate creation.


Honeycomb Ceramics Product Line


Continuous Ground Calcined Aluminas
Batch Ground Reactive Aluminas


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