Higher Purity Ceramics

Advancements in technology continue to shape our lives, offering faster communication, smarter devices, and more sustainable living solutions. While digital interfaces and smart devices capture public attention, these innovations are fundamentally enabled by developments in material science, particularly in ceramics.

Alumina, known for its heat resistance and insulating properties, plays an essential role in the production of cutting-edge technologies. This includes silicon wafer chips essential for computing, solar panels for renewable energy, batteries for power storage, LED lighting for energy-efficient illumination, electronics, display glasses for devices, components for jet engines, synthetic polymers, metal alloys, and materials for heat insulation and dissipation. Despite its critical function, alumina's contribution to these technological advancements often goes unnoticed.

Almatis specializes in producing high-purity aluminas for ceramics, characterized by low to ultra-low sodium oxide (Na2O) levels and purity rates of 99.8% or higher. These aluminas are primarily or exclusively used in various formulations due to their superior quality.

Their diverse applications include technical and electronic ceramics that require exceptional performance, ceramics designed to withstand corrosive chemical environments, high-performance spark plugs, and supports for catalysts in chemical reactions. This wide range of uses highlights alumina's pivotal role in supporting and advancing modern technology.


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