Catalyst Carriers

Catalyst carriers, essential in the chemical and petrochemical industries, are porous substrates that help refine liquids and gases into vital products like fuels, chemicals, and lubricants. These carriers, crucial in high-temperature hydrocarbon cracking, rely on the substrate's quality for efficient refining.

Alumina, favored for its high-temperature inertness, is a prime choice for catalyst carriers. It hosts the catalyst without degrading or interacting with reactants. The alumina's pore structure is vital, influencing the catalytic reaction efficiency. Particle size distribution in alumina affects pore size, underlining the need for material consistency in carrier substrates.

At Almatis, we specialize in calcined aluminas for catalyst carriers, offering unground, continuous ground, and batch ground products. These aluminas feature precise particle size distributions and consistent surface areas, ensuring effective pore structures.

Almatis' products also vary in purity, particularly in Na2O content, addressing specific formulation requirements. We provide 70% and 80% calcium aluminate cements for formulations requiring hydraulic ceramic binders.


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