The Integral Role of Almatis Cement in Building Innovation

Building chemicals play an essential role in construction and industrial applications, offering specialized solutions to enhance the performance, efficiency, and durability of building chemicals and structures within the evolving needs of the industry.

Also instrumental in achieving cost-effective results and aesthetic appeal in the design and development of construction projects, building chemicals help maintain environmental and sustainability standards as well as ensure safety and compliance. 

Almatis cement for building chemicals is a specialized 70% calcium aluminate formulation, carefully designed to meet the precise requirements of building chemistry. Made for applications prioritizing a rapid return to service or aesthetic considerations, it exhibits a finely controlled mineralogical phase composition, ensuring exceptional consistency in performance.


Key Characteristics

High Reactivity

High early strength development and fast return to service.

High Purity

>99% calcium aluminate phases guarantee well-defined formulations and consistent properties.

Superior Particle Size Control 

Oversize-free for smooth, scratch-free surfaces.

High Degree of Whiteness

For use in combination with pigments to consistently achieve the color you need. (CIELAB values L* >92, a* > -0.5, b* <1.6)

Cements & Binders

Almatis' cement and binders, enriched with high alumina content, are designed for building chemistry, enhancing material properties for both structural and aesthetic applications. The superior particle size control ensures scratch-free surfaces, which is essential for high-quality finishes.

Early strength development, facilitated by these products, is crucial for projects with quick turnaround demands. The purity of Almatis' formulations guarantees consistent performance, maintaining vital material characteristics like viscosity and color fidelity.

In settings ranging from residential construction to industrial facilities, our cement and binders drive material innovation, shaping the future of construction techniques and design aesthetics.


Featured Products




Caro White

70% calcium aluminate cement with high reactivity for fast strength development, high purity and consistent whiteness.



Product Data Sheet




High purity cement with 76% Al2O3; additive free Controlled hydration and lower setting shrinkage rate for extended time windows to safely remove inner cores in precast shapes.


Product Data Sheet


Alphabond 300

Accelerates the cement setting and improves the rheology, resulting in an overall robust castable performance when used in cement castables. In building chemistry “flash” alumina Alphabond 300 is used as an activator.


Product Data Sheet



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