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At a Glance

At Almatis, we value integrity, respect and trust within an environment where employees thrive and develop to their fullest potential. We recognize and reward personal dedication and performance, embracing change for continuous improvement. Our commitment to ensuring the health and safety of our employees reflects our allegiance to both individual and company success.



In action

  • Integrity, respect, and trust in all relationships
  • Support for employee development to their full potential
  • Recognition and rewards for personal dedication and performance
  • Embracing change for continuous improvement
  • Commitment to employee health and safety
  • Dedication to the success of Almatis


Exploring the Almatis Experience

What We Offer


Empowering Employee Growth and Development

We prioritize the growth and development of every employee. We believe that by investing in our team members' advancement we not only help them reach their full potential and achieve their aspirations but also build the strongest possible team to execute our strategy of excellence.

We offer a variety of educational programs worldwide to expand our talent pool and ensure long-term success. Through initiatives like on-the-job training, cross-functional and cross-regional opportunities, internal workshops, and self-paced learning, we promote the professional, leadership and management skills needed for sustainable growth.

We see our employees as entrepreneurs within our company, and we provide them with the tools and opportunities to stay ahead in the industry.

Supportive and Safe Work Environment

Our workplaces are built to promote a supportive environment, equipping our teams with the resources they require to prosper. Safety takes precedence so our facilities consistently meet the highest standards. We continually enhance working conditions at our production plants, surpassing industry norms to prioritize accident prevention and address potential hazards promptly. Throughout our locations, our administrative setup ensures state-of-the-art workplaces that prioritize both health and practicality. 

A Global Culture of Collaboration & Innovation

Joining Almatis means becoming part of a collaborative, global culture fueled by innovation. We celebrate the diversity within our workforce, recognizing it as a cornerstone of our success. Expect an environment marked by team enthusiasm and dedication to honesty, openness and mutual respect. 

At Almatis, we embrace change and promote the exchange of ideas across all levels. Our employees are committed to developing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs and quality standards of our customers, driving the future of alumina forward. With a horizontal management approach, decisions are made quickly and implemented efficiently, highlighting the importance of open communication. Quality and safety are ingrained in our organizational values, influencing every aspect of our operations.

Competitive Compensation & Benefits

At Almatis, we recognize and reward the valuable contributions of our employees with competitive total compensation packages. These packages include:

· Base salaries that rival those offered by leading companies in the market.

· Bonus programs designed to reward individual performance.

· Various benefits aimed at supporting our employees and their families, ensuring a healthy work-life balance and addressing their physical, emotional, financial and social well-being.

We regularly evaluate and adjust our compensation and benefits to meet the evolving needs of our workforce, ensuring our team members feel valued and supported in their roles.

Who We Are


Almatis stands as the premier global provider of alumina materials catering to the refractory, ceramics and polishing industries. 

With a name symbolizing "Alumina Materials and Innovative Solutions," we are dedicated to delivering top-notch specialty alumina products worldwide. 

Over a century of commitment to research and development has positioned us at the forefront, continually commercializing new uses of alumina and updating our processes and products. Collaborating closely with our customers, we share our extensive technical expertise acquired over decades.


As leaders in both production and supply of premium alumina products, we offer the most extensive portfolio on the market, ensuring a seamless "one-stop shop" experience for our customers. 

Over the past decade, we've expanded our production capacities to meet market demands, resulting in secure supply chains, shortened lead times and efficient deliveries. With globally distributed production facilities and a robust sales network, we are equipped to serve our customers with utmost efficiency, regardless of location.

At Almatis, our ISO certification reflects our allegiance to excellence and quality. 

Following Lean Management principles, we align our processes with customer needs, prioritizing continuous improvement. We uphold strict global standards for environmental, healthand safety practices, ensuring sustainable operations. 

Our commitment to environmental protection and customer satisfaction has earned us green supplier awards, reinforcing our efforts.



Almatis’ commitment towards sustainability

In Mission NeutrAL, we combine immediate impact with a long-term vision. By collaborating with our business and industry partners, we can set clear goals and maintain transparency. Sustainability is more than a corporate goal; it's a personal commitment. Everyone's efforts contribute to daily progress and lasting success. Together, we can create a brighter future for generations to come.


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Hiring Now


Project Engineer (minimaal 32 uur per week)

Rotterdam, NL

Op dit moment bevinden we ons in een transitieperiode waarin assets vervangen mogen worden door nieuwe. We investeren daarom aanzienlijk in het vernieuwen van onze productie-assets en hebben jouw kennis, enthousiasme en ervaring hard nodig om deze verandering tot een succes te maken. 
Wij bieden je een industriële, gevarieerde en technische omgeving waarbij je in teamverband en zelfstandig kunt werken aan je projecten. 

Electrician, electricsch (storings)monteur (fulltime, dagdienst)

Rotterdam, NL

As a member of our ETD department, you will work with PLC's, process computers, power and control installations, packaging lines, instrumentation and in addition you will perform high voltage switching.

Production Engineer (m/w/d)

Rotterdam, NL

De Production Engineer biedt ondersteuning aan de productie van Calcium Aluminate Cement en Tabular Alumina in beide fabrieken. De functie rapporteert aan de Production Manager en werkt veel samen met de productieafdeling in beide productielijnen. Andere afdelingen waarmee wordt samengewerkt zijn Engineering & Maintenance, Quality en EHS. Zowel het maximaliseren van productie als het verlagen van productiekosten zijn uitdagingen waar de Production Engineer aan bij zal dragen.

Analyst (fulltime, 5 ploegendienst)

Rotterdam, NL

Als medewerker van het laboratorium krijg je te maken met: Analyseren van monsters uit het productieproces, eindproducten en grondstoffen van leveranciers, zodat een optimale productkwaliteit gerealiseerd wordt en het proces tijdig kan worden bijgesteld om de specificaties van de klant te halen.