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Functional refractory products

Functional refractory products

The steel industry is the largest consumer of shaped refractory products that have an additional function during service. Products such as isostatically pressed products for steel casting, slide gates and purging bricks play a vital role in the production process. These products are subjected to extreme chemical, mechanical and thermal stress and are therefore made of premium, synthetic high-alumina raw materials.

Almatis aggregates with controlled particle size distribution (PSD) and low batch-to-batch variation are the material of choice for the production of such products.

Tabular & other Aggregates

Tabular Alumina T60/T64

Dense, sintered crystalline alpha alumina with 99,5% Al2O 
High purity and chemical resistance

ECO-TAB® Tabular Alumina

Energy savings are possible in each step of metals manufacture. Almatis ECO-TAB® is a lower density alumina refractory aggregate newly developed for wear linings. 

Spinel AR 90

More Alumina-rich spinel (90% Al2O3)
Used in monolithics and bricks for steel applications

Calcined Aluminas

CT 800 FG

Alpha-alumina for refractory matrix enhancement
Particle size / D50 = 3.5µm
Na2O Content = 0.12%

Reactive Aluminas

RG 4000

Mono-modal alpha-alumina
Particle size / D50 = 0.6µm
Na2O Content = 0.08%

A 20 SG

Mono-modal alpha-alumina
Particle size / D50 = 3.3µm
Na2O Content = 0.23%

A 3000 FL

Bi-modal alpha-alumina
Particle size / D50 = 2.5µm
Na2O Content = 0.10%