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Polishing of marble and granite are the most commom applications for stone polishing. Especially marble is soft and needs special attention already during the pre-polishing step. Target is to avoid defects in the surface structure in order to achieve a perfect surface in the finishing process.



Alumina with SSA of 4 m²/g and  top cut of 200 µm for high cutting compounds.


Alumina with SSA of 4,5 m²/g top cut of 90 µm. Further development of products like P2 and P2 FR for higher cut and similar polishing results.

P 6

Alumina with top cut of 125 µm produced in Germany for high cutting compounds.

P 2 FR

Alumina with top cut of 90 µm and fines removed. Due to removal of fine fraction the material has a high loose bulk density and oil absorption

A 13 -325

Alumina with top cut of 45 µm / 325 mesh, which can be used on all kinds of surfaces.

P 730

Alumina with top cut of 40 µm and best cost-performance ratio for the finishing of all kinds of surfaces.