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Alumina is added to glass formulations to improve mechanical strength, hardness, thermal and optical properties.  These properties are important in end use applications such as LCD glass, cover screens, fiberglass for industrial, marine, aerospace and armor.

Batch consistency is critical in all glass applications and switching from a natural ore or hydrate source to synthetic alumina can provide a significant improvement.  The low impurity levels of synthetic alumina allow the user to maintain more consistent batch chemistry, melt viscosity and flow behavior.

GMA is a series of fully calcined unground aluminas specially designed for glass applications.  These aluminas are greater than 99% Al2Opurity and feature low moisture and  loss on ignition levels and a range of alkali contents.  The content of <45µm fines and +425µm coarse particles is controlled in order to meet the tight demands of specific glass applications and prevent stone formation.  In specific instances when small kiln designs or high pull rates are being utilized, control of the <45µm fines can be critical.



Ground version of P 25 with top cut of 63µm.


P 730

Alumina with top cut of 56 µm for the finishing of all kinds of surfaces.

P 10

Alumina with top cut of 20 µm giving nearly scratch free surfaces.

PG feinst

Very soft and fine alumina, which is mainly used for cleaning purpose after the finishing step.