Why join Almatis

Why join Almatis

At Almatis we offer challenging and diversified jobs within dynamic and international teams, a high level of independence, flat hierarchies and a good environment for your professional and personal development.

At Almatis:

  • We demonstrate integrity, respect and trust in all relationships
  • We encourage and assist our employees to develop to their full potential 
  • We reward personal commitment and performance
  • We embrace change under the objective of continuous improvement 
  • We are committed to employee health and safety
  • We are committed to the success of Almatis.

What you can expect within our organization:

Collaborative Global Culture

Working at Almatis you will be part of our collaborative, global culture with an innovative spirit.

We place considerable value on the diversity that exist in our workforce.  We  value these  differences and consider it as key success factors.

You will experience team enthusiasm, a highly collaborative and innovative spirit, a firm commitment to honesty and openness, in addition to respect for each other. Within such a working environment, we are open-mined for change and encourage the exchange of ideas anywhere.

Our employees constantly work with the aim of developing an innovative portfolio that succeeds in meeting all  requirements and quality demands for  our customers. Our goal at Almatis is to develop the future of alumina.

Flat hierarchies ensure fast decisions and efficient implementation. Communication is the key! We communicate in an open manner and on a regular basis.

Quality and safety awareness impact all levels.

Supportive Work Environment

Our workplaces include the resources and supportive work environment that our teams need. Furthermore – and as a matter of course – they meet the highest levels of safety.

Improvement in working conditions at our production plants are continually being done. Our standards exceed the industrial requirements: Consequently, accident prevention has been a top priority and potential hazards are quickly identified and eliminated.

You will find in our administration that throughout all of our locations are state-of-the-art workplaces whereupon health and practical aspects receive equal levels of importance.

Development & Training Opportunities

Every Almatis employee is invited to actively shape his or her own development. We fully support employee development.  In doing so, we ensure our employees to  reach their potential and aspirations, which in turn,  helps us to form the best team, thereby achieving our  ‘We strive to be the best in all in all we do”  -  outstanding” strategy!

Training and career development go hand in hand at Almatis.  

To help unlock the full potential of our employees, we support a wide range of educational programs around the world. These programs help our business over the long term by expanding the talent pool of employees. Through on-the-job training, cross-functional and cross-regional movement, internal workshops and self-paced learning, we enhance and develop the professional, leadership and management skills necessary to ensure sustainable success and growth for employees and the company.

We view our employees as entrepreneurs within our company and we ensure that they receive every opportunity to remain at the cutting edge of the industry.

Attractive Compensation

We reward the contributions of each employee with competitive total compensation packages.

Our Compensation packages include:

  • Base salaries that compete with leading companies in the relevant market.
  • Bonus schemes that rewarded individual performances.
  • Various Benefits that go beyond the paycheck are designed to take care of our employees and their families with a view to finding the right balance between work and home life and keeping them healthy, whether it is physically, emotionally, financially or socially.

We evaluate our compensation and benefits on a regular basis and carefully adapt them to the needs of our changing population.