Who we are

We are Almatis – Almatis at a Glance

Almatis is the world's leading producer of alumina materials for Refractory, Ceramics and Polishing applications. Our company name stands for “Alumina Materials and Innovative Solutions” and clearly summarizes our commitment to delivering high quality specialty alumina products and cutting edge services throughout the world.

Our success story and leading industry position began more than  100 years ago consisting of committed research and development in commercializing new uses of alumina, as well as consistent investments in process and product innovations. Our philosophy is to ensure we collaborate closely with our customers, with whom we share our century of technical alumina expertise.

We lead the competition in our role as both a producer and secure supplier of premium alumina products. At Almatis, we have high quality alumina materials and the most extensive product portfolio on the market. This means that we are able to offer our customers a “one-stop shop”.

Furthermore, in the last 10 years we have expanded our productions in order to meet market needs. The results has been secure supply, short lead times and efficient delivery.

In our position as global market leader, we have the production facilities and the technical expertise to service our customers in a highly efficient manner – regardless of  location. . A broad network of sales offices strategically located around the world means that Almatis is in the ideal position to understand local market dynamics and be close at hand for all of our customers.

Almatis is ISO certified and we strive to reach the highest level of efficiency and quality. At Almatis, we apply principles of Lean Management. Our clearly defined processes connect our people and activities with our customers. This results in  all activities being  designed and linked to produce precisely what the customer wants. Our employees are very well qualified and we actively encourage them to continuously improve their work processes with a view to attaining a faster, simpler, safer, better and more reliable overall process and end result.

In addition, we have established our own stringent global standards for the most important environmental, health and safety issues. Consequently, our daily work involves us actively seeking new ways of implementing environmentally sustainable practices to reduce emissions, conserve natural resources and eliminate waste. Almatis is  very proud of the fact that this has resulted in  receiving green supplier awards from some of our customers.