Our Production Facilities

Truly global and secure supply: wherever and whenever it is needed

Operational excellence:
Premium aluminas by Almatis perform consistently – anywhere, every time, on time. Committed to premium quality and service, we continually optimize our manufacturing processes. We use state-of-the-art business tools such as Six Sigma and the Almatis Business System (ABS), which we developed and refined specifically to improve our response to customer needs.

Strategically located manufacturing:
Our production facilities span the globe. Our network, together with our excellent supply chain management, ensures secure and global supply as well as short lead times.

Leetsdale, PA (Almatis, Inc.)

The Leetsdale, PA facility, located 20 miles from Pittsburgh, PA, was established in 1994 as a warehouse for the Northeast customer base and as a crushing and screening facility for refractory aggregates. In 2000 the plant was expanded: the facility now crushes and screens all of the Americas produced Tabular Alumina and grinds all Calcined Alumina from the Bauxite facility and is the center for Almatis'. North American production and distribution.

Neville Grinding, Leetsdale, PA (Almatis, Inc.)

The Neville Grinding Center in Leetsdale, PA, which has been processing alumina for Almatis since 1995, was acquired by Almatis on January 16, 2006 and adds additional grinding capacities to the nearby Leetsdale facility. The Neville Grinding Center has the capability to dedust, grind and package calcines products including RGA, A2, A 10, A 14, CT 800, A 35 and A 3500. These products serve as the backbone of our Americas' premium calcines product portfolio. The site also includes a process analytical laboratory in operation since 1999. All products are produced ‘make to order' or via our Kanban-based Almatis Business System, and are shipped by rail, truck and bulk truck to Almatis customers.

Bauxite, AR (Almatis, Inc.)

The Bauxite, AR facility was opened as a bauxite refinery in 1952. In 1954 and later in 1959, parts of Alcoa's chemical processes in East St. Louis, Illinois were transferred to the Bauxite facility. The facility acted as a combination chemical and refining plant until the Arkansas bauxite mines were shut down in 1990. Today, the plant is one of the largest of Almatis' operations, producing Tabular Alumina and 

Ludwigshafen, Germany (Almatis GmbH)

 Almatis GmbH was founded in 1982 when Almatis former parent Alcoa acquired the business from BK Giulini. The legal entity consists of the Ludwigshafen manufacturing site and the Frankfurt/Main global office. The plant in Ludwigshafen produces high-quality materials for the refractory, ceramic and polishing industries all over the world. During its years of operation, production capacity has increased 

Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Almatis B.V.)

Almatis B.V. was founded in 1967. It was the first production plant of Almatis in Europe. Today there are two plants at the site. The plant in Rotterdam produces high-quality raw materials for the refractory, ceramic and chemical industries all over the world. It is the only plant within the Almatis family to produce Calcium Aluminate Cement which is used in high-alumina monolithic refractories. Because it has 

Falta, India (Almatis Alumina Private Limited)

Almatis business activities in India began to 1995. At its Falta plant, Almatis Alumina Private Limited locally produces Tabular Alumina. For the refractories, ceramics and polishing markets in India & SEA Region, Almatis Alumina Private Ltd. offers the full Almatis specialty alumina product portfolio, including Tabular Alumina, Calcined Alumina, Calcium Aluminate Cement, Reactive Alumina and Spinel. As part of the 

Qingdao, China (Qingdao Almatis Co. Ltd.)

Qingdao Almatis Co. Ltd. is located in Qingdao Trade and Economic development zone in the port city of Huangdao. It consists of two plants making calcine and tabular alumina respectively.  The first phase in the tabular plant was established in 1998 to process imported CD and calcined alumina. After a US$18 million expansion investment in Phase II, which included two new tabular converters and a completely 

Iwakuni, Japan (Almatis Limited)

Almatis Limited was originally established in 1986 as Alcoa Kasei Limited and merged with Moralco Limited to form Alcoa Chemicals Japan Limited in December 2002. Today Almatis Limited is a joint venture owned 80% by Almatis and 20% by Morimura Bros. Inc. The Iwakuni plant was built at Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi, Japan in 1975. Iwakuni produces high quality Tabular Alumina T-60 and T-162 to serve