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Vision and Values

We strive to be best in class in all we do: to be an outstanding, fully efficient and genuine global organization that extends value to our business partners and employees. The following core values define the culture at Almatis. They are the benchmark for the professional and ethical conduct we stress with our employees worldwide.


We understand that people are the cornerstone of our and our stakeholders' success. Our people and our business partners come from many different countries and cultures, speaking different languages. We appreciate this diversity. It is a source of new ideas, further insights and innovative concepts. Respect starts with being open-minded toward people and ideas. We take time to listen and to respond constructively to the ideas of our colleagues and our business partners. Communicating is imperative to show respect. We recognize that our communication must be frequent, targeted, candid and well-structured. We are attentive of others who need support and training to be successful in achieving their objectives. We account to each other and to the environment in which we live. We carefully respect each other's data privacy.


We are—individually and in teams—responsible for the success of Almatis. We actively practice accountability by continuously aligning our individual objectives and actions to the overall business strategy of Almatis. Driving solutions and task completion are key factors to our organizational success.


In our dedication to be and to be acknowledged as The Premium Alumina Company, we drive for ultimate quality in everything we do. Be it production, sales, logistics or business processes, we relentlessly pursue premium results. In order to achieve high quality results and perfection, we constantly measure the outcome of our actions against the highest internal and external standards and benchmarks. We measure our success by being best in class in our business segments.

Customer Focus

Our primary purpose is to enhance the business of our customers and create true value for them. In order to achieve this, we must understand and respect their business, their needs, and their perception of quality. Only if we meet their needs, and only if we anticipate and respond faster to them than our competitors do, are we capable of establishing and enjoying a long-lasting and prosperous relationship with our customers.


At Almatis empowerment is an earned privilege. Being accountable, communicating along the established lines and delivering excellent results, as well as staying customer focused, will generally give each individual more freedom and empowerment to make decisions on his or her own. This gives Almatis the speed to surpass competition and deliver more value to all our stakeholders.


Teamwork is the power of excellent individuals coming together to achieve a shared goal that sets apart the outstanding companies from the rest. At Almatis we actively seek to combine our talent, expertise and energy across departments, regions and functions to create unique value all our stakeholders. We value listening to each other, challenging and building on each others ideas, sharing best practices and actively involving the entire potential of our one global Almatis team.


We at Almatis strive to actively shape our future, challenging our own way of conducting our business every day, seeking better ways to excel at creating value. Listening to and closely collaborating with our business partners and colleagues is an invaluable source of impulses for fresh concepts, more efficient processes and advanced products. Above all we are "change-ready", anticipating and welcoming change and rewarding out-of-the-box-thinking in order to stay ahead of our competition in a quickly evolving market and business environment.


We go to any length to protect and improve the welfare of our people and the welfare of the community and environment in which we work and live. We at Almatis strive for an incident-free working environment. All our operations comply with local and regional environmental, health and safety regulations and laws. Beyond that we have established additional safety standards. We regularly educate and train our people, business partners and visitors on our standards and monitor the compliance. Every recorded incident and near-incident is reason for re-evaluation and improvement of our standards. We recognize that the anticipation and prevention of potential risks is the key to becoming a sustainable company.