Tabular Alumina/SLA92/Bonite

Almatis Global Product Concept for the Refractory Industry
New Coarse Tabular Aggregates for Improved Castables
Review of Tabular Alumina as High Performance Refractory Material
Tabular Alumina for High Purity Corundum Bricks
Developments in the Refractory Design of Lids for Ladle Preheating in Dunkirk Steelworks
Experiences with Mircoporous Calcium Hexaluminate Insulating Materials in Steel Reheating Furnaces at Hoesch Hohenlimburg and Thyssen Krupp Stahl AG, Bochum
Industrial Application Experiences with Microporous Calcium Hexaluminate Insulating Material SLA-92
Innovative ceramic fiber free steel ladle preheaters at Corus Steelworks IJmuiden
Long Term Temperature Stability of Microporous Calcium Hexaluminate-based Insulation Materials
New Insulating Raw Material for High Temperature Applications
New Microporous Materials for Use in Modern Firing Plants
Non-fibrous insulations of Submerged Nozzles for Continuous Casting
Advantages of Dense Calcium Hexaluminate Aggregate for Back Lining in Steel Ladles
Alkali - and CO-resistance of Dense Calcium Hexaluminate Bonite
Bonite - A New Raw Material Alternative for Refractory Innovations
Raw Material Concepts for SiO2-free High Strength and Low Wettability Aluminum Castables

Cements & Binders

A New Temperature Independent Cement for Low and Ultra Low Cement Castables
High Calcium Aluminate Cements & Chemical Binders
High Purity Calcium Aluminate Cements - Production and Properties
New Results for CA-470Ti Temperature Independent Cement - Robustness against Low Temperature and Impurities
Aging behaviour of Alphabond and Calcium Aluminate Cement
Improvements in Workability Behavior of Calcia-free Hydrated Alumina Binders
Steel Plant Refractories Containing Alphabond Hydratable Alumina Binders

Matrix Specialties

New Developments in Calcium Aluminate Cements and in Dispersing Aluminas for Mircosilica-containing Castables Systems
Raw Material Concepts for SiO2 Free High Strength Castables in the Temperature Range up to 1200° C
Raw Materials for Non-complex High Performance Low Cement Castables
Synthetic Alumina Raw Materials - Key Elements for Innovative Refractories
Upgrading Castable Performance Through Matrix Optimization
New Developments of Tabular Alumina and Tabular Alumina Spinel Castables