Challenge: How can I improve my castable workability, for easier mixing and faster wet-out?

Solution: Reactive aluminas E-SY 1000 and E-SY 2000 are unique matrix products specifically designed to deliver unmatched workability performance in castables. This new generation of Almatis reactive aluminas brings ease to refractory castable mixes.

  • E-SY 1000 and E-SY 2000 eliminate high dilatancy in high performance, low water demand castables.
  • E-SY 1000/2000 serve as the matrix product with additions of 8% and higher.
  • They add unique soft mix consistency to castables and allow the formulation of castables with very low mixing power, remarkably lower than other high performance castables.
  • Wet-out times are significantly reduced to only 25-30% of that required for other high performance concepts.
  • E-SY 1000 and E-SY 2000 enable the design of pumpable mixes.
  • The reactive alumina version is E-SY 1000.
  • The reactive alumina/spinel version is E-SY 2000. The fine dispersed spinel in E-SY 2000 contributes to increased corrosion resistance.

These strengths make E-SY 1000/2000 the ideal component for all applications, from basic to complex.

E Sy1000 01 Ref Solution E Sy1000 02 Ref Solution E Sy2000 Ref Solution
Easy mixing in gravity mixer ... mix can be shoveled ... ... or pumped ... .

Comments / frequently asked questions about E-SY 1000 and E-SY 2000:

"The use of 15% to over 20 % E-SY reactive alumina appears to make a mix costly. Will castables using E-SY aluminas be more expensive?"
Answer: No, the mix will not be more costly compared to a single component concept; for example commonly used fines, e.g. 0-0.045 mm products, can be omitted. Furthermore, elimination of on-site installation flaws provides payback as well.

"What is the benefit of E-SY reactives over a single product approach?"
Answer: The advantage of E-SY reactives is improved mixing behavior, faster wet-out and improved workability which a single product concept mostly cannot deliver.

"Can E-SY reactives be used in combination with silica fume?"
Answer: E-SY reactives were specifically developed to formulate silica-free mixes with all their associated advantages for improved hot properties, however for selected applications they can be combined with silica fume.

"Can E-SY reactive aluminas be "combined" or "diluted" with other calcined aluminas?"
Answer: This is not recommended as it will alter the matrix fines particle size distribution and disturb the easy mixing, fast wet-out and excellent workability properties of the Almatis E-SY products.

Description of "dilatant" / "dilatancy":

As the viscosity of a mix formulation or castable increases with the rate of shear stress, this rheological behavior is called dilatant.

Dilatant mixes or castables can stop and even damage mixers, or get stuck in pumps and hoses. E-SY reactive aluminas are the ideal component to eliminate these equipment problems.