Innovative Refractory Solutions

Challenge: What are the benefits of reactive alumina and how do I select the appropriate reactive alumina to upgrade refractory performance?

Solution: Reactive aluminas are key components and performance enhancers for modern refractory formulations, both castables and bricks. They have a major impact on water demand and rheological properties of castables and on the strength, porosity, and slag and wear resistance of the refractories. Read More

Challenge: How can I upgrade the performance of existing refractories to meet the more demanding requirements of today's steel and non-ferrous industries?

Solution: Although the raw materials used to formulate today?s refractory linings are numerous, choosing the right combination of raw materials can optimize the performance of refractory formulations. Synthetic minerals may be required substitutions for natural minerals. Read More

Challenge: How can I improve my castable workability, for easier mixing and faster wet-out?

Solution: Reactive aluminas E-SY 1000 and E-SY 2000 are unique matrix products specifically designed to deliver unmatched workability performance in castables. Read More

Challenge: How does the uniqueness of tabular alumina improve my refractory performance?

Solution: The dense structure of Tabular alumina allows less slag and metal infiltration of your refractory. Read More