Dispersing Aluminas

Dispersing Alumina Applications

Almatis Dispersing Aluminas are widely used in castable manufacturing. The combination of high performance addititve with reactive alumina decreases the castable water demand and allows excellent setting control. Currently two product lines are available, one for high-performance silica fume-free castables and one for silica fume containing castables. Typically, a retarding type and an accelerating type are used together to achieve a target setting time for the castable. The ratio of retarding to accelerating type is varied to change the setting time.

Benefits of Dispersing Aluminas

  • Combination of both dispersion and setting time control
  • Reduced water demand of refractory castable through optimized dispersion of finest particles
  • Improved castable flow properties
  • Adjustable setting times (accelerating or retarding) in accordance with placement requirements and temperature conditions
  • Improved homogeneity of dry mixed castable by about 1% addition level
  • Improved aging resistance and shelf life of castables

Premixed Matrix Products

Premixed Matrix Product Applications

Almatis aspires to supply the highest quality of alumina-based refractory materials. Our strength lies in offering a complete range of alumina-based raw materials for refractory applications. Almatis offers three unique formulations of Premixed Matrix Concepts for easing refractory design:

  1. Almatis Integrated Matrix (AIM) Concept
    • The Almatis Integrated Matrix Product is for use in Tabular Alumina, Spinel or other high alumina aggregate containing refractory castables.
  2. Almatis Infilcast Concept
    • For filling with a self-flowing castable the voids between coarse aggregate. Almatis specifically designed AFL Alumina for this concept.
  3. Almatis Integrated Binder Concept
    • Binder and matrix system AM92 for high performance refractory castables.


AFL-Alumina Applications

Almatis AFL-Alumina is an infiltration material for the spaces between the coarse refactory particles. AFL-Alumina is the second most important component of the Infilcast® System.

Benefits of AFL-Aluminas

  • Particle size distribution ‹ 1 mm
  • Various mineral compositions
  • Minimized water demand
  • Excellent flow and de-gassing behavior
  • High refractoriness
  • High corrosion-resistance

Calcium Aluminate Binder AM-92

Calcium Aluminate Binder AM-92 Applications

Calcium Aluminate Binder AM-92 is a fully dispersed high alumina binder (~ 90 % Al2O3) and matrix system for high performance refractory castables.

Benefits of Calcium Aluminate Binder AM-92

  • Fine tuned particle size distribution for vibration castables
  • Full matrix composition including cement and high performance additives
  • Low water demand
  • Easy handling
  • Reliable performance
  • Simplified warehousing

AIM - Almatis Integrated Matrix Products

Almatis Integrated Matrix Product Applications

AIM products are an integrated matrix of aggregate fines, Calcined, Reactive and Dispersing Aluminas for use in Tabular Alumina, Spinel or other high alumina aggregate containing refractory castables. Cement is all that must be added to complete the refractory matrix. AIM offers you the tool for easy formulation of low water demand, self-flowing and vibration castables of medium, low or high cement content. (Use of the AIM products for free-flowing casting slips according to German patent DE 4125511 and its correspondent equivalent patents is not allowed without corresponding license of patent holder.)

Benefits of Almatis AIM Products

  • Four different products for various high performance castables
  • High flexibility in castable design
  • Excellent castable properties, even with low number of components
  • Full dispersion and controlled setting
  • High reproducibility of castable properties
  • Simplified warehousing
  • Intensively premixed matrix components, quality controlled