BSA 96


BSA 96 is a new synthetic dense aggregate with 96 % Al2O3. It is produced by a sinter process and provides the same homogeneous product properties which are well known for other established sintered aggregates such as tabular alumina and sintered spinel.

BSA 96 - Applications

Almatis BSA 96 provides an alternative to other high alumina aggregates, fused, natural, and sintered in various applications like Iron and steel industry, Aluminum industry, Industrial furnace industry, Chemical and Petrochemicals industry.

Benefits of Almatis BSA 96

BSA 96 is a highly refractory dense aggregate with an Al2O3 content greater than 96 %. The major impurities are SiO2 and TiO2 and smaller amounts of Na2O and MgO. Because BSA 96 is produced by the sinter process all size fractions have the same chemical composition. Even the fine milled BSA 96 -90 ┬Ám has the same chemical composition as the coarser fractions. BSA 96 does not contain carbides or metallic components that could do harm to sensitive bonding systems or negatively influence the refractory performance of bricks and the appearance of fired pieces by melted spots or blisters on the surface. BSA 96 shows the typical corundum crystals with entrapped porosity that are well known for Tabular alumina. This explains the reduced bulk density of this sintered aggregate when compared to a fused aggregate such as brown fused alumina.

Why Almatis BSA 96 is Premium

  • Very homogenous, high alumina product for producing high quality refractories
  • European sourced aggregate with short term availability
  • Available in a wide variety of crushed and milled sizes to optimize refractory formulations
  • Secure supply and short term availability
  • Unmatched global technical support offering consulting, troubleshooting and application assessment, to optimize refractory performance