Innovative Refractory Solutions

Challenge: What are the benefits of reactive alumina and how do I select the appropriate reactive alumina to upgrade refractory performance?

Solution: Reactive aluminas are key components and performance enhancers for modern refractory formulations, both castables and bricks. They have a major impact on water demand and rheological properties of castables and on the strength, porosity, and slag and wear resistance of the refractories.
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Global Steel Production

Almatis Refractory

October 2016 - World Crude Steel Production

21 November 2016  - World crude steel production for the 66 countries reporting to the World Steel Association (worldsteel) was 136.5 million tonnes (Mt) in October 2016, 3.3% up on October 2015.




Customer Events

Changxin Seminar1

Changxin Customer Seminar

The 4th Almatis Technical Seminar on Refractories for south Zhejiang provinces was held in Changxin, Zhejiang. Over 80 participants from near 50 companies enjoyed the informative presentations made by Almatis' Asia Pacific Commercial and Technical managers, along with Almatis' regional distributor and the Changxin Refractory Association secretary.


Technical Papers


The 52nd Annual Refractories Symposium was held in St Louis with this year’s theme being “Refractories for the Ferrous Industry: A Historical Perspective, Present and Future Directions”. The paper ” Trends in Clean Steel Technology and Refractory Engineering” was presented by Andus Buhr.