Almatis Premium Alumina for Polishing Applications

Calcined Aluminas for Polishing Applications

Premium Almatis calcined aluminas are used for metal polishing, car cleaners, stone polishes, brake linings, vibro-finishing, household cleaners and toothpaste. They are applied manually or in automatic polishing processes, such as airless or barrel finishing. Almatis Polishing Aluminas can be used alone or as a component of a polishing compound, into applications that may require:

  • Precision lapping
  • Final lapping
  • Surface abrasion (hydro abrasion)
  • Polishing (buffing, hydro lapping, barrel polishing, tumbling)
  • Honing
  • Super finishing
  • Fettling
  • Polishing with wheels

Benefits of Almatis Calcined Aluminas for Polishing

  • Extremely hard primary crystals (one degree below diamond on the Mohs scale)
  • Chemically inert
  • Wide range of working temperatures

Why Almatis Polishing Aluminas are Premium

  • Broad product line from very soft to extremely abrasive aluminas
  • High chemical purity for ultimate control of product properties
  • Tightly controlled Particle Size Distribution for improved rheology
  • Globally available products, with manufacturing in different regions and sales and logistics supporting worldwide supply
  • Unmatched global technical support offering consulting, troubleshooting and application assessment to optimize polishing performance

Almatis Polishing Products

Very Soft Abrasives

Features: Very soft abrasives for extremely fine final polishing, especially for plastic, silver, and gold

PG feinst
P 815 / 816
Household cleaners, polishing compounds, stone polishing, jewelry, plastic polishing

Features: Comprehensive range of soft-burned aluminas which provide little cut and result in very good brightness

Soft Abrasives


A 13 LS
P 10
P 6
P 02
P 2
P 2 S
P 2 FR
P 30
A13 -325
P 730
P 10 feinstĀ 



Household cleaners, car polish, industrial polishing compounds, stone polishing, jewelry, plastics, brake linings, ball bearings, aerospace

Medium Hard Abrasives

Features: 100% alpha alumina with Mohs' hardness of 9, giving a medium-high cut

P 66M


Brake linings, industrial compounds for metal polishing

Hard Abrasives

Features: 100% alpha aluminas with Mohs hardness of 9, providing a high cut

A 2

A 267

PSG 100

PSG 125

PSG 150

PSG 300

A2 - 325

A2 - 325 CR
Brake linings, industrial compounds, polishing chips

Very Hard Abrasives

Features: 100% alpha aluminas at very high calcination degree, are extremely abrasive

A 10

CT 19




P 25

Gilox 63
Industrial compounds for metal polishing lapping powders for electronics/TV tubes