ABS - Business Excellence the Almatis Way!

Standards for Business Excellence are set by the Almatis Business System (ABS). This business system is based on the management concepts of the leading Japanese automotive producer, Toyota, merged with Six Sigma principles. Its principles are:

  • Make to use, not for inventory.
  • Eliminate all non-value adding activities or Waste.
  • Success depends on the People who do it.
  • Stable Operations are essential

Almatis has translated the ABS principles from automotive manufacturing to chemical processing. An overview of ABS and its application—the implementation process and key impacts for the manufacturing—are described using the example of Calcium Aluminate cements at Almatis' Rotterdam manufacturing facility. Consequences to Almatis' customer and supplier are presented and the overarching conclusion is that the approach to Business Excellence using ABS brings great benefits, not only to Almatis but also to its customers and suppliers, improves efficiency, eliminates Waste and drives success for all in a very competitive business environment.