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Higher Purity Ceramics

Higher Purity Ceramics

Technology continues to evolve and provide the world with a faster, smarter and greener lifestyle. While computer interfaces, smart devices and touchscreens often associated with technological advancement, they are only made possible through advances in physical materials. While alumina is generally regarded for its refractory and insulating qualities, it has also been at the forefront of critical materials emerging technologies for decades.

Alumina is a critical material for the manufacture and processing of modern technologies such as silicon wafer chips, solar panels, batteries, LED lighting, electronics, LCD and cover glass, jet engines, synthetic polymers, refined metal alloys and also the products that insulate and dissipate heat generated from these applications. While not often recognized, alumina has played a silent but key role in enabling the development of critical materials for emerging technologies.

Almatis aluminas for higher purity ceramics feature low and ultra-low Na2O  levels and have typical purity levels of 99.8% or higher. These products are typically the major or only powder component used in a particular formulation.

Applications often include technical and electronic ceramics, wear ceramics for harsh chemical environments, high performance spark plugs and catalyst supports.

Unground calcined Aluminas

A 14

Primary Crystal Size = 2.1µm
Specific Surface Area = 0.60 m2/g
Na2O Content = 0.03%

CL 3000

Primary Crystal Size = 1.8µm
Specific Surface Area = 0.70 m2/g
Na2O Content = 0.06%

CL 2500

Primary Crystal Size = 1.7µm
Specific Surface Area = 0.90 m2/g
Na2O Content = 0.06%

CT 1200

Primary Crystal Size = 1.1µm
Specific Surface Area = 1.2 /g
Na2O Content = 0.06%

Continuous Ground Calcined Aluminas

A 14-325

Ground Median Size = 3.2µm
Ground Surface Area = 0.80 m²/g
Na2O Content = 0.03%

CL 3000 SG

Ground Median Size = 3.9µm
Ground Surface Area = 0.90 m²/g
Na2O Content = 0.06%

Batch Ground Calcined Aluminas

CT 3000 LS SG

Ground Median Size = 0.4µm
Ground Surface Area = 7.6 m²/g
Na2O Content = 0.02%

A 152 SG

Ground Median Size = 1.2µm
Ground Surface Area = 4.3 m²/g
Na2O Content = 0.06%

CT 1200 SG

Ground Median Size = 1.4µm
Ground Surface Area = 3.1 m²/g
Na2O Content = 0.06%

A 15 SG

Ground Median Size = 1.7µm
Ground Surface Area = 4.9 m²/g
Na2O Content = 0.07%

CT 3000 LS SDP

Median Granule Size = 170µm
Ground Median Size = 0.4µm
Ground Surface Area = 7.2 m²/g
Na2O Content = 0.03%

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