Almatis premium reactive aluminas have specially tailored grain sizes to meet the fired density and shrinkage requirements for precision ceramics. As the developer of reactive aluminas for ceramic applications, Almatis has perfected stringent process control systems to produce a tightly controlled product.

Reactive Alumina Applications

In the ceramic applications, high sinter reactivity can be achieved at lower sintering temperatures and wear resistance is excellent for both unground and superground reactives.

Reactive aluminas are valued raw materials used in the production of:

    • High alumina technical & engineered ceramics, such as:
      • Thread and wire guides
      • High alumina wear resistant engine and pump parts
      • Cutting tools
      • Sealing rings and bearings
      • Thermoelement tubes

  • Electronic ceramics
    • Metallized thick and thin film substrates
    • High alumina (+99%) ceramic insulators

Benefits of Almatis Reactive Aluminas

Processing properties such as:
  • Typical high fired densities of 3.90 g/cm3 in finished ceramics parts
  • Good green machining properties
  • Low sintering temperatures and decreased polishing times reduce customer processing costs
  • Controlled shrinkage

Final ceramic product properties such as:
  • Defined uniformed microstructure
  • Very good corrosion resistance
  • Excellent mechanical wear resistance and strength
  • High dielectric strength
  • Good thermal shock resistance

Why Almatis Reactive Aluminas are Premium

  • Complete reactives product portfolio available around the globe, sub-micron to 3 micron particle size, bi- and monomodal to suit the various processing and product requirements of the advanced ceramic sector
  • Excellent lot-to-lot consistency for producing highly consistent and more reliable ceramic components
  • All products produced to tight product specifications:
    • chemistry
    • particle size distribution
    • specific surface area/BET
    • primary crystal size
    • green density
    • shrinkage
    • fired density
  • For optimized processing to guarantee excellent physical, electrical and thermal properties of the advanced ceramics components
  • Contaminant-free ground products ensure high performance ceramic products
  • Global technical support offering consulting, troubleshooting and application assessment to optimize ceramic performance
  • Products are globally available through expansive worldwide manufacturing, sales and supply

Reactive Alumina Products

CT 3000 SDP Thermally reactive alumina spray dried powder for direct use in both isostatic and uniaxial pressing
CT 3000 SG Thermally reactive superground aluminas
CT 1200 SG
CT 530 SG
A-15 SG
A-16 SG
A-152 SG
A-1000 SG
CT 1200 Semi-reactive unground aluminas
A-3500 UG